One aspect of HHN history that I’m really interested in that I don’t see mentioned too much is the practice of house shirts where the cast and crew of each house and scare zone (and presumably show?) get a custom shirt made for their house. I’m not entirely sure the history of this practice although it seems like it goes back to HHN 7 in Orlando at least. To the best of my knowledge as well there hasn’t been an organized collection of the house shirt images. So I’ll step in and do my part! I’m at the beginning of my collection so I only have a few to offer but if you have more, please send pictures to and I’ll add them to the site with whatever credit you’d like!

Let’s start with the most recent, from 2023’s Bloodmoon. I love this design almost as much as I loved the house it’s based off of!

Bloodmoon House Shirt

Funny story, I was at the park last weekend and managed to see someone wearing this so I got a quick shot of the back but unfortunately they ran off before I could ask them to take a picture of the front.

Next up, let’s visit 2021 for Icons: Captured, these pictures from an eBay listing that I definitely didn’t buy even though it’s a small (couldn’t resist for such a great house!):

Icons House Shirt - Front

Icons House Shirt - Back

It’s a much more simple design than Blodmoon but it really reminds me of the look of past house shirts with the blood on the front. Too bad I’m never going to be able to squeeze into it, at least the one I owned!

Interestingly, 2020 didn’t have individual shirts for the two houses open during the day but it did have this shirt that encompassed both houses:

2020 Houses Shirt

And finally, throwing it back to 2019, the Vikings scare zone took over Central Park and its cast and crew got these shirts to commemorate a very fun haunt:

Vikigns Scarezone Shirt - Front

Vikigns Scarezone Shirt - Back

I think the practice is so cool and I’d love to see more so please send them to me if you have them!