My favorite old school HHN piece is definitely the elaborate websites featuring tons of lore and behind the scenes pictures and videos. Unfortunately due to a variety of reasons, the park doesn’t do it anymore but that doesn’t stop fans from wanting to keep the memory of these past events and websites alive. With the help of some other fans, I set out to create the best, most complete and most accessible way to experience these sites!

Our first website deep dive is on the 2008 Legendary Truth site. 2008, in my opinion, was the peak of HHN sites. Not only was there the main 2008 site but there was also an archive site (in a non-anniversary year!) and the best of the bunch, the Legendary Truth site. As you may know, Legendary Truth is the organization that investigated the Mary Agana/Bloody Mary disappearances. Its site gave visitors a taste of the organization and what it was investigating, all meant to flesh out the year’s icon even further.

Legendary Truth Main Site

We’ll dig more into the site at some point in the future when I fix the broken scrolling on the site but for now, let’s focus on one specific section of the site: The Main Network. If you click on the MNA tab at the top of the site, you’re greeted with this login screen.

LT Login

From there you have two options:

  • Enter the password ‘CLOSURE’. This will take you to a PDF file with the name of the Bloody Mary patients and some other clues and connections.
  • Enter the password ‘OPEN’. This will take you to the LT desktop.

LT Desktop

From the desktop, try opening the various folders and hard drives. You’ll find that the hard drives and Folder One are “Classified” and unable to be opened. You’re not doing anything wrong, that’s how they were coded! Left as dead ends to keep you interested. The other three folders will take you to profile lists where you can find out more about Mary Agana’s disappeared patients.

Let’s get to the interesting part. There are 3 CCTV icons. If you click on the 3rd one, you’ll get the same classified icon. CCTV2 is the “document safe”. If you click on it, you’ll be taken to a safe that looks something like this:

LT Document Safe

If you enter in the password (“4917” - side note, what does this mean? Is there some meaning of this in the lore?), you’ll be taken to a document safe where you can see a little more about Mary’s patients/victims. Honestly, this screen is a little disappointing. There really isn’t a ton to see here. It very much could be a case of the Flash emulator messing up but I’ll dig more into it later and see.

LT Case Files

When you go back to the screen and click on CCTV1, you get to the real interesting portion of the website. You’re spit out onto another safe screen:

LT Big Safe

Before we go into what you’ll find if you use our safe, let’s look at what you would’ve found if you looked at the original back in 2008. You’ve scoured through the lore and the code and you found the combination (hint before I tell you later: it’s a date that’s important in the lore to Mary Agana) and you input the code… but it doesn’t work! What? You try a bunch more wrong codes and still nothing. You get frustrated and give up. Eventually you log on later at night and give it another try with the same original password. But this time it works? Yeah, if you guessed that there was a time component to it, you’re right! Let’s take a look at the code, I promise this is easy to follow (note that this will spoil the password, skip if you want to guess the pasword yourself).

LT Big Safe Code

Take a look at line 23 which is the check of the password. Line 27 checks whether your input is equal to the correct password. But line 25 checks whether your time is in between some bounds. If you go all the way down to lines 81 and 82, you’ll find the bounds. That’s right! The bounds were 1 minute long at 11pm (which is relevant to Mary Agana)! You had to put the password in in this very narrow timeframe or else you’d never see this. I have to assume that people saw this but I can’t find any reports and I think it’s such a cool little detail that so few people would see and one of the reasons that I love this era of the event so much.

But flash forward to today, I took the liberty of removing that date check from the Flash file on hhngraveyard so it’s more accessible to users that don’t want to stay up until 11pm for a website. In the future I’ll add a toggle that lets you switch between the two modes. But now, input the code (1908) on the website and you’ll be taken into Mary Agana’s artifacts.

LT Agana Artifacts

There’s a couple cool little artifacts and lore pieces here but the really cool part is without a doubt the fact that this vault only opens for a minute once a day!!

I hope you enjoyed our first deep dive into one of the websites for HHN. As a quick little aside, this is my little blog series where I go in depth about preserving the history of HHN. Since the event came of age during the early internet era pre social media, so much of the event history is/was hosted on platforms and sites that don’t exist anymore. That leaves archivists, like me, scrambling to find the files before they disappear or use other archive tools (like the Wayback Machine) to get the files. I seek to preserve the history of this great event and I hope that if you have any of the files listed on the front page of this site, that you’ll reach out and share them with me!